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2021 Film Guide


Good for 1 person to attend ALL screenings live and virtual and ALL events.

United States

A Father's Kaddish

A Father’s Kaddish* tells the story of how Steven Branfman used the art of pottery to help him work through his grief after the death of his 23-year-old son. A Father's Kaddish shows traditional and non-traditional ways for people to grieve. From one man’s poignant story at the intersection of love, art, and ritual comes a universal lesson for all who have experienced loss.


A Fine Line

The feature length documentary, A Fine Line, explores why less than 7 percent of head chefs/restaurant owners are women, when traditionally women have influenced the greatest male chefs in the kitchen. Experiences from world-renowned women chefs are woven into a central narrative of a single mother, small-town restaurateur who beat the odds stacked against her. This personal story opens up a national dialogue on gender inequality, motherhood and career balance and how this inequity in the kitchen is representative of industries across the board.



After Antarctica follows polar explorer Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet. After a lifetime of landmark expeditions across both poles, no one alive has seen more of the polar world.



A lonely alien goes to extreme lengths to find company



"Alles hat Grenzen, NUR DER MONDFISCH NICHT" is an environmental film musical, in which nature acts and speaks in a diversity of voices. Surfacing evocatively from micro- and macrocosmic layers, she resonates with water as the source of life and resounds as exploited resource. She echoes from the trenches of an inverted world and speaks out as a human being. Reverberating through ecological-cultural depths, images, sounds and associations push to light, giving shape to a vision of humanity being in tune with nature.


An Acquired Taste

Talentless Chef Daniel Muller (pronounced "Mull-y-é") stumbles upon a dish that changes the culinary landscape forever.

United States

Authenticity: The Musical

How far a popular girl is willing to go to avoid vulnerability, even if it means catfishing the biggest outcast in school.

United Kingdom

Day of the 20,000 Gammon

When Lolly is told her butcher's counter has to close because of Brexit, the Gammon pleads with her for their life to be saved. But when Lolly cuts her finger on a tin of pineapple chunks, the gammon gets a taste for human blood and meaty hell is unleashed...

United States

Don't Be the Lakers

Two college-aged friends deal with the return of a cancer diagnosis in contrasting ways.

United States


Two people in their sixties find themselves standing in front of the same painting at a gallery. Joe is black and Lisa is white and almost 50 years ago, when in high school, they loved each other. Now they must face their troubled past, and feelings that time may not have erased.

United States

Forget Me Not

In an attempt to preserve her legacy, a cartoon classic wages war on her rebooted counterpart.

United States

Gotcha Day

At an animal rescue center, a timid turtle awaits its fate.

Grow Your Impact

The environment is suffering putting our food sources in peril because pollinators like bees and butterflies are at risk. See the underlying societal issues and how grassroots organizations are taking charge.

United States

Hangin' on the Telephone

Sean Henry Posila calls into a late night sweepstakes and things get out of hand.

United Kingdom

How To Stop A Recurring Dream

Faced with a split custody break up, a family’s older daughter kidnaps her hostile sister to embark on a journey to reconnect before they part.

United States

Koreatown Ghost Story

In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.

United States

Larry & Me

LARRY & ME is an entertaining recollection of the man and his life narrated by his best pal of 75 years, Herb Cohen. This thoughtful film by Lisa Melmed uses animation, archival footage and personal photos to tell a heartfelt story about the man and his life in and out of the spotlight.

United States

Last Call

The hospitality industry is the artistic heartbeat of New York. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in Queens. Thousands of artists, musicians and actors flock to the city’s most diverse borough to work in the service industry to supplement their dreams. In March of 2020 these dreamers put their lives on hold, self-isolating and sacrificing their income as Queens became the global epicenter of covid-19. As the weeks go by we follow two local bars fight off the virus, financial ruin and the deaths of loved ones, while the frontline workers battle to slow down the death toll engulfing the borough. Under strict and safe filming guidelines, we witnessed how both industries needed each other in order to bend the curve. It’s a tale of two sacrifices that saved not only the lives of thousands but the future of New York.

United States

Make It Easy

A young wanderer and a street musician walk through the city one night, sharing music, conversation, and a bit of history.


Mind Your Step

Eric Litts, a devout lobby boy, becomes fixated with a precarious crack at his local theatre. He takes it upon himself to remind every departing guest to mind their step.

United States


A Muckbang and ASMR artist undergoes a transformation.

United States

Planet b234

Jorge, a father thousands of miles away from his son, creates an alternate world- planet b234- where he can cope with the anxiety, depression, and desperation of being separated from one's child. Geographical barriers are no match for Jorge's fertile imagination, but it comes at the cost of his sanity and the very relationship he's fighting for.

United States

R.I.P. T-Shirts

R.I.P. T-SHIRTS takes an intimate look at gun violence, and the aftermath it can have on families, through the eyes of a T-shirt shop owner just outside Washington, D.C. Each day, families and friends of recently murdered young Black people visit Jonathan Robinson's shop, commissioning wearable tributes to their loved ones.


Red Lipstick

A Tehran beauty salon owner contemplates a marriage proposal while applying beauty treatments to her clientele.



A woman whose housework has erased her own identity finds herself living inside her own head. Chained to the feeling of old memories, she must now accept what she has become and realize that her life has been reduced to nothing but her decaying hands and the four black walls that she used to call home.

United States

Spell It Out in Neon

Beth, an aspiring young artist, and her charming commitment phobic coworker, Brian, definitely have a “thing”. When he invites her along to a Halloween party, she thinks their relationship might actually move out of the “friend zone” spurring her to take a romantic leap of faith.

United States

The Color of You

Ash is stuck to a screen like the rest of society. But one day he notices Scarlett, a girl who doesn't seem to fit in with everybody else. As their lives become further intertwined, Ash has to learn to step out of his comfort zone in his quest to find out who Scarlett really is.


The First Goodbye

A woman downloads an app that helps connect her to her estranged wife for a brief time.

United States


"Authentic and inspiring, “Thistle” dives into the complexity of a Nashville, TN based recovery community for women survivors, as both individuals and the organization grapple to find hope and healing in the midst of change."

United States


Three college girls home for winter break attend a party with their former high school classmates. Things get weird.

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