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Saturday, May 18, 2024


2:00 PM





The Last King

Based on a Stephen King short story, The Last King is a short film that tells the story of world famous Iranian detective Shahriar and his ward Vahid who are called upon the murder of a shipping magnate. His list of suspects (short but close to him) consists of his three daughters and wife , who tell their version of the events leading up to the patriarchs death.

About the Director

Ali Mashayekhi is the president of Landed Entertainments, a Canadian based film production company. Ali has produced over 70 films around the world since 2003 including; Japan, Indonesia, USA, Netherlands and France.

Ali is also the Executive Director of the Ethnically Diverse Artists (EDA) Foundation, a non-profit and charitable organization founded by Mena Massoud (Aladdin), which aims to inspire inclusivity and diversity in the arts. Ali is also an ambassador for Inara, a non-profit charity that helps war wounded children around the world, created by former CNN’s Senior International correspondent Arwa Damon.

Ali just finished a Stephen King short story adaptation based on Sherlock Holmes, The Last King, entirely in the Farsi language. This Farsi adaptation stars Maz Jobrani (A Simple Wedding), Navid Negahban (Homeland) and Shiva Negar (American Assassin). Most recently, Ali was the Executive Producer on a Crave TV travel food series (Evolving Vegan) and producing a horror feature film starring Cristo Fernandez (Ted Lasso) both coming out in 2023.

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