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Saturday, May 18, 2024


2:00 PM





Purgatory Jack

Purgatory Jack is a neo-noir mystery thriller set in the afterlife, a dangerous landscape that’s run by a bloodthirsty, limb-collecting gang and populated with outlaws and outcasts. The latest case for musician turned grizzled private detective, Jack Marlin, is helping new arrival Viv Vacious, a punk pop star who overdosed, stay safe as she races against time to find her mother who committed suicide twenty years earlier. While navigating the treacherous terrain of hells waiting room, these two musicians from clashing eras unlock a murderous conspiracy and discover why blood is more than a drug in Purgatory.

About the Director

Brett and Jason Butler, the Butler Brothers, are Writer/Director/Producers based out of Toronto, creating original content under their boutique studio banner, Substance Production. As award-winning independent filmmakers the Butler Brothers last theatrical release, First Round Down, landed in the Top 5 for Canadian box office during its opening week and along with Purgatory Jack, they have a dark comedy, Unfriending, currently on the film festival circuit . They have also just wrapped principal photography on another feature, Thanks For the Room.

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