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Saturday, May 18, 2024


2:00 PM





Portrait of Consumption

"Portrait Of Consumption is a story about the human collective socializing alone; each struggling for acceptance on the world stage of social media. Expressed in a metaphorical universe; a young woman named Jane Doe's entire existence depends on the interactions of her social following as if she is a mere puppet on strings desperately seeking approval through the digital form of likes, comments and emojis. When she is hit with a wave of cyber bullying following a post she made, Jane Doe begins to spiral into a dark descent where the very fabric of her reality begins to fray. In one final act to regain her social status, Jane performs a grand gesture for her audience just as the curtain closes."

About the Director

Gillian Fortin is a first-generation British-Canadian filmmaker currently residing in Toronto Canada. Gillian grew up in Edmonton Alberta with her mom, dad, sister and brother. Their summer vacations were spent visiting family in both England and Scotland. When Gillian graduated from high school she moved to Victoria British Columbia where she attended the University of Victoria for nursing. Gillian later moved to a small mining town in Northern Ontario called Sudbury where she became a psychiatric nurse. Her experiences as a nurse led her to write which later evolved into writing stories that questioned the world. Through these life experiences, Gillian explores filmmaking with a specific lens that challenges the concepts of family, motherhood, identity, and women's rights in a world increasingly confronted by mental health.

Gillian's first screenplay, The Overkill (2021), is a complicated story about love, lust and despair. Gillian also starred in this film and was filmed in the fall of 2021.

Since then, Gillian has gone on to write stories that challenge the status quo with a critical lens around women-specific issues. Her latest screenplay called Fathers Paradox is a feminist sci-fi that explores the world of women and AI relationships. This is scheduled to go to camera in the summer of 2023 using the 2D unreal studio.
Gillian also wrote, produced and starred in her directorial debut film Portrait of Consumption which is a societal critique on the effects of social media expressed in the style of a silent film.

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