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Saturday, May 18, 2024


2:00 PM





His Truth is Marching On

A brief but poignant look into American music history from 1619 to hip hop, as told through the Civil War song, "John Brown's Body," written about Torrington-born abolitionist John Brown. The film explores what American music sounded like when the first African people were brought here, where the music went after that, and why.

About the Director

Dan is a video journalist whose day job is running a trade journal for residential construction professionals. This film began as a community music recording project during covid and grew into an award-winning musical documentary film.
Dan has won numerous editorial awards for video production, podcast production, and magazine editing, but he is most proud of winning an award from the CT League of History Organizations for the John Brown Project, which culminated in this film.
Remarks Morrison, "We all worked very hard and it is wonderful to get recognition from professional historians for our different view of what historical documentaries can look like."

Dan lives and works in John Brown's hometown, Torrington, CT.

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